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Flatkit modular kitchen

Flatkit modular kitchen

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The FLATKIT from CAMPTOOLS is probably the most compact and at the same time lightest kitchen module on the market. There is always a place for them in the packed ride. At the same time, it offers everything a complete kitchen needs to have.

Technical data of the FLATKIT


750 x 350 x 310 mm (LxWxH) for the cooking module

415 x 125 x 260 mm (LxWxH) for the water module


11 kg the cooking module

800 g the water module

The body of the FLATKIT consists of HPL-coated birch multiplex plywood. All built-in components are durable and high quality. The gas cooker and the sink are Camptools' own developments and made of stainless steel. The gas cookers are storm-proof and do not require any additional wind protection.


With the FLATKIT you can cook anywhere, whether mounted on the rear pull-out, in the awning or set up outdoors - thanks to its compact height, it even fits under the multiflex board from VW!

If you want to pull the FLATKIT out of the car to its full length without pulling it out, the matching slide-out subframe is available as an option. It fits on all floor rails in the bus and can also be attached to wooden floors.

We recommend the additional stand for location-independent use.

Do you need something more compact? Take a look at our custom-made products for particularly short vehicles, such as the Mercedes Benz Vito for short.

Kitchen details

The innovative gas control unit for separate and stepless control of two flames with just one cartridge offers the possibility of cooking on our two-burner gas stove in sun, wind or rain. The system is operationally safe thanks to a gas connection that is disconnected while driving. All gas cartridges of the EN417 standard with screw thread (thread size 7/16 “-UNEF) fit the cartridge connection of the FLATKIT.

The water module provides you with water wherever you are. It is battery operated and can be recharged over and over again using the supplied USB cable. So it can also be used independently of the kitchen.

The spacious sink (internal dimensions LxWxH 265 mm, 219 mm, 147 mm) is easy to wash up. A refillable fresh water tank and an easy-to-use waste water system are integrated and enable the environmentally conscious disposal of waste water.

scope of delivery

  • Flatkit modular kitchen (ready for use & ready to assemble) + water module
  • 12 l fresh water tank
  • 5 l waste water tank
  • Water pump with built-in battery, including USB charging cable

We send the FLATKIT in a sturdy cardboard box via DHL.

Available in 2 weeks from the order date.

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