High-end modules and accessories for your camper

In wenigen Minuten ohne Werkzeug ein-und ausgebaut. Passt für alle Marken, ob Minicamper, Van oder Transporter.


Camptools is a team of experienced technicians and designers who develop and produce the best modular camper extensions on the market in a high-tech factory in Muenster / Westphalia.

We are united by traveling in the bus , and enthusiasm for good craft and the most modern production methods .


modular kitchen


Compact kitchen

Sidekit modular kitchen

A completely new world of camping is waiting for you with the Sidekit, without your vehicle having to be permanently converted into a heavy camper! Compact, perfectly processed, timeless and stable in value!

Was that all from Camptools?

Of course not! We'll soon be presenting our very own world of completely redesigned modular camper equipment: sleep solutions, luggage storage systems, minimal concepts for purists, and also the luxury of a full-size camper with a toilet, office and cozy corner.

All CAMPTOOLS modules have one thing in common: they are ultra-light, can be installed and removed in minutes, and they become imperceptibly small while they are waiting for the next trip.

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