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Flatkit under-cabinet module

Flatkit under-cabinet module

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Vehicle model

The underbench module can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, but is particularly suitable for mounting along the left side of the vehicle in the direction of travel, i.e. behind the driver's seat.
The module in combination with the FLATKIT can be mounted in all vans of all brands !

The module has a recess on its back, so it can also be mounted in the VW CALIFORNIA 6.1 Beach Camper. (The Beach Camper has a bottle holder in the wall behind the driver's seat, which is built over with the Flatkit cabinet module).

The flatkit under-cabinet module combined with the flatkit kitchen allows the flatkit to be removed for cooking outside. The 12 liter fresh water tank is then located between the driver's seat and the under-cabinet module.

Behind the combination Flatkit with Flatkit-under-cabinet-module the cooling box module (with our cooling box SoCool35 or an already existing cooling box) can be mounted perfectly, see product CENTERLINE!

The pictured coolbox module, the coolbox and the Flatkit kitchen are NOT included and can be ordered separately.


750x350x450mm (LxDxH)

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