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Sleeping system "BENCH

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Sleeping system Bench consists of two side bolsters, which are attached to the vehicle floor without tools. These stringers are connected to each other with tubular struts, and then on the whole the sleeping grid is attached. Super easy to assemble and install in a few minutes.
The system "Bench" provides that there is no original seating furniture in the cargo area, so the car must be "empty".
The BENCH's sleeping height of about 43cm makes it possible to sit on the bed with plenty of headroom, which is both comfortable when crawling into bed and allows you to sit down in bad weather without hitting your head on the car roof.

Speaking of sitting, the BENCH has an integrated bench seat that can be set up or flattened in seconds. No fiddling with the mattresses, everything is firmly and, if necessary, detachably connected to the sleeping grid.

The BENCH can be supplemented by our rear kitchen FLIPKIT! Simply hook it in and you have a large kitchen on board!

What distinguishes the BENCH from the other Camptools sleeping solutions:

- the comfortable sleeping height

- the adjustable bench seat

- the "load-through" capability under the bed up to the front seats

What is not possible with the BENCH

- the bench seat of the BENCH is not approved for driving as a seat !
Therefore, the BENCH cannot be used if there are still passengers to be seated behind the first
row of seats.

The BENCH is the perfect sleeping solution for couples with who want to sleep comfortably.

Our mattresses:

All mattresses from Camptools are made of high quality multi-ply foams for maximum lying comfort. The outer material is made of a durable blended fabric, which remains beautiful and wear-free for years.
The cover fabric color is medium gray ( not blue as shown).
Other colors on request.

Technical data

Dimensions: 200 x 118 x 35 cm (LxWxH) without mattress

Widening up to vehicle interior width available !
Loading height: 31 cm
Mattress height: 8cm

Load capacity up to 220 Kg


The system BENCH can be installed without adapter in every VW T5/T6 with floor rails or floor plate.

It also fits Mercedes Vito/V-Class with adapter to the floor rails.

It also fits Ford Tourneo Custom with our matching adapter.

And it can also be mounted on any other vehicle floor without floor rails ! Write an email with a photo of the cargo area and we will tell you how the BENCH fits in your car.

Details about the sleeping system

Unlike conventional models, our sleeping systems can be combined with all our, as well as "foreign" rear extensions (750-900 mm), as well as with our kitchen modules , so that the space of your vehicle can be used optimally!

All Camptools sleeping systems are very easy to completely disassemble, so they take up minimal space between trips.

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