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Sleeping system "HIGHLINE



The HIGHLINE sleeping system consists of two side bolsters, which are attached to the vehicle floor without tools. These stringers are connected to each other with tubular struts, and then on the whole the sleeping grate is attached. Super easy to assemble and install in just a few minutes.

The Highline sleeping system from Camptools is made of HPL-coated birch plywood, just like our kitchen modules. It is standard 118cm wide, but can be adapted to the vehicle width with widening sets.

The HIGHLINE version is suitable for vehicles where the bench seat or two individual seats are to remain in the vehicle and be used for driving. The sleeping system is located behind the bench seat or the single seats while driving, so that 4-5 persons can travel. For sleeping, the bed is placed on the seats with a single movement, and then provides a completely flat sleeping surface.

Underneath the bed, the cargo area can be fully utilized up to the seats/seat bench. The HIGHLINE is compatible with rear extensions from various manufacturers, best of course with one from CAMPTOOLS....!

The HIGHLINE can be supplemented by our rear kitchen FLIPKIT! Simply hook it in and you have a large kitchen on board!

For whom is the HIGHLINE sleeping system particularly suitable:

-when more than 2 approved seats are needed for driving

-when a particularly large amount of storage space is needed under the sleeping system,
e.g. for a dog cage, folding bicycles, etc.

For which vehicles is the sleeping system HIGHLINE suitable:

-for all VW T5/6 with floor rails

-for all other vans of all brands, with a respective adapter set.

The benches/seats of the different vehicle brands are not all the same height when laid flat, which is why we then supply the necessary supports for a continuous horizontal lying surface according to vehicle type. Due to the large number of variants, please inquire by mail
, we will find a professional solution for each vehicle !

our mattresses:

All mattresses from Camptools are made of high quality multi layer foams for highest lying comfort. The outer material is made of a durable blended fabric, which remains beautiful and wear-free for years.
The cover fabric color is medium gray ( not blue as shown).
Other colors on request.

Technical data

Dimensions: 200 x 118 x 56 cm (LxWxH)

Widening up to vehicle interior width available!

Loading height: 52 cm

Load capacity up to 220 kg

Sleeping system details

Unlike conventional models, our sleeping systems can be combined with all our, as well as "foreign", rear extensions (750-1250 mm), as well as with our kitchen modules , so that the space of your vehicle can be used optimally!

Current delivery time approx. 1-2 weeks