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Heavy-duty pull-out T5/6/6.1 up to 220 kg

Unser 4fixAir-Heckauszug für den VW T5/T6/T6.1 erweitert den Kofferraum deines Bullis um eine praktische Schublade mit Auszugtiefen von 60 - 125 cm.
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This rear extension for the VW T5, T6 and T6.1 impresses with its variable extension depth of 550–1200 mm and a load capacity of 220 kg!

It can not only be mounted on its own, but also easily under an existing multiflex board or one of our sleeping systems, so that the entire depth of the storage space is optimally used!

Technical specifications

Inner loading width: 1040 mm

Loading edge height: 30 mm

max.load: 220kg

Dead weight: 22 kg


It is installed in the vehicle without tools using the grid rails. The closures are included in the scope of delivery.

Details on the excerpt

When pulling in and out, two levers are unlocked, which enable safe loading and unloading of the pull-out.

The dimensions have been chosen so that nothing stands in the way of precisely fitting the FLATKIT on the side - rear kitchen made easy!

scope of delivery

By default, the extract is delivered as a kit for self-screwing in favor of the shipping costs. Additional costs will be charged for including the assembly (approx. 25 min).