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4fix rear extension - Hyundai Staria



The 4fix rear extension for the HYUNDAI STARIA

Camptools can supply it, the rear extension for the brand new Hyundai Staria !
It is equipped with all the features of the 4fix for optimal luggage fixation.

The rear extension is mounted on the rear seat consoles that remain in the car. (this option is chosen if you
need the back seat
in between.

The advantages of the 4fix at a glance:

-all 4 sides are equipped with attachment points.
-the loading area has an integrated fastening rail (airline system) for
variable fastening of belt eyes

Whether vacation luggage, suitcases or tools, everything can be secured separately on the 4fix pull-out.
Conventional rear extensions only have eyelets at the front and rear for securing cargo, which makes it very difficult to lash the load really securely.

The rear extension for the Hyundai Staria has 3 slots in the surface on each side which, when unloaded, direct the heating air from the floor vents into the vehicle. When loaded, these slots are covered if necessary, which then allows the heated air to continue to flow out from under the pullout.

The load capacity of our rear extensions is 150kg when evenly distributed, with the heavy duty extensions designed for a load capacity of 220kg.

All Camptools rear extensions are produced in our factory in Münster!

We do not use poplar wood for our pull-outs, but only pressure-resistant, durable and on both sides HPL-coated birch multiplex boards.

Availability on request!